Kaweco Liliput Fountain Pen Copper Medium Nib

Fountain Pen
Kaweco SKU: 10000831
Kaweco Liliput Fountain Pen Copper Medium Nib
Kaweco Liliput Fountain Pen Copper Medium Nib

Kaweco Liliput Fountain Pen Copper Medium Nib

Fountain Pen
Kaweco SKU: 10000831

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Product Info

The Kaweco LILIPUT series is available in different precious metals. With 97 mm when closed, just 87 mm opened and 125 mm when you screw the cap on top, the LILIPUT is one of the smallest fountain pens in the world.

Each pen is hand-torched, which gives it a unique pattern. Every pen is different although they share that raw Copper finish. It comes with a stainless steel nib and an ink cartridge to get you started writing right away! The cap screws on to the back to post securely, and it accepts short standard international cartridges. Optional clip sold separately, as well as the mini squeeze converter, or the new mini converter.

Copper is a sought-after material for several reasons. It's an excellent conductor (not of music, it doesn't move enough for that), it can be alloyed with numerous other metals to great effect and is naturally biostatic (bacteria will not grow on it - very hygienic). It's rarely used for making pens though, which is strange because it looks amazing, is wonderfully tactile and will age and acquire a unique patina over time - in air untreated copper will slowly acquire a blue-green outer coating - think old copper pipes or the Statue of Liberty. If the pen is being used frequently, the patina will be a much darker coppery colour, as the blue-green coating will not have time to develop. Once the pen has developed this initial patina it will remain unchanged for a long time as it serves as a protective barrier to the copper underneath. The finish can either be left to develop its patina or can be restored using copper polish and a liberal application of elbow grease.

Important note: As copper is a soft and malleable metal, the surface of the pen will pick up scratches and marks through use and transit. If you like to keep your pens looking pristine then this, coupled with the fact it'll develop a patina, means this isn't the pen for you.

Milled from solid copper, which is left untreated and uncoated, it weighs in at 26g which is more than some pens twice its size.

The Liliput Copper has inherited all of the great features from the original Liliput. It's super-compact at just 96mm long closed, the cap screws onto the end to create a pen 125mm long. Barrel diameter is 9.5mm, cap diameter is 10mm. The Kaweco logo is etched onto the top of the cap.

Stainless-steel nib in extra-fine, fine, medium, broad or extra-broad.This one is MEDIUM.

Uses short international standard cartridges.

The Kaweco Liliput Fountain Pen accepts the standard international universal size ink cartridges (one blue supplied), and the Kaweco squeeze converter (not included).

Supplied in a Kaweco gift tin.


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