Pilot Parallel Pen with 4.5mm nib - Calligraphy Pen

Pilot Parallel Pen with 4.5mm nib
Pilot Parallel Pen with 4.5mm nib

Pilot Parallel Pen with 4.5mm nib - Calligraphy Pen

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Achieve two Line Widths and Colour Gradients with one pen.

The Pilot Parallel Pen features a unique nib comprised of two parallel metal plates.

This allows it to distribute ink more evenly than conventional metal italic nibs while also being crisper and far more durable than a felt-tipped calligraphy pen. Calligraphy pen with two widths of stroke and graduated ink. The parallel pen consists of two parallel plates, which create beautiful and sharp handwriting, different from existing calligraphy pens. It can also produce attractive, gradated colours by transferring ink from one pen to another pen nib. Two different ink colours can then be used to achieve this effect.

With the Pilot Parallel ink, you can mix ink just by holding the nibs in contact with each other, letting the ink flow from one pen to the other. After which when you write, you'll get a nice gradation from one colour to another. One black and one red cartridge included, as well as a pipette to flush the pen. Instruction leaflet included.

The CON-40 Converter can be ordered separately.




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