TWSBI Eco T Clear Fountain Pen

Fountain Pen
TWSBI Eco T Clear Fountain Pen
TWSBI Eco-T Clear Fountain Pen F
TWSBI Eco T Clear Fountain Pen
TWSBI Eco T Clear Fountain Pen
TWSBI Eco T Clear1

TWSBI Eco T Clear Fountain Pen

Fountain Pen

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The TWSBI ECO-T (short for Economical) is the newest model to the TWSBI fountain pen lineup, and is most affordable model yet. The ECO-T has a slightly more pronounced grip section than the ECO, which will help with learning the correct writing posture for kids, new pen enthusiasts, and anyone who likes a little bit more structure to the grip area. The cap and end cap also has a rotary triangular shape design. Take a look at the image showing the old traditional Eco grip compared with the new design.

This pen features a piston mechanism, a clear barrel, clear cap and piston knob, and various sizes stainless steel nibs.

These pens come packaged with a wrench and silicone grease. Neither of these accessories are intended to be used immediately, as they are for long-term care and maintenance. Additionally, please use extra care if you choose to disassemble the nib and feed, as the feed is very fragile.

Clear 'demonstrator' barrel reveals the filling mechanism, a built-in piston-filler with a very smooth action. Eco-T version has a more triangular grip area, and matching trangular-shaped cap, for those who like the grip more tailored to the 'correct' way to hold a pen - if you hold your pen in a different way, the standard Eco model may suit you better. Chromed metal trim and pocket clip. TWSBI logo nicely finishes the top of the pen's cap. Rubber o-ring on cap thread ensures an airtight seal to prevent ink drying out in the pen, whilst also ensuring that the cap is firmly attached to the pen when not in use.

Faceted cap ensures pen will not roll away if left on a desk.

Polished steel nib engraved with TWSBI logo and branding, available in a wide range of nib sizes: extra-fine, fine, medium, broad and stub.


  • Barcode: 6971502530804
  • Filling Mechanism: Piston
  • In the box: TWSBI ECO T Fountain Pen Clear; Transparent Box; Silicone Grease; Wrench; Instruction Booklet

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